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bq Aquaris and Meizu MX3: Ubuntu Touch Premiers

The Concept OS turning to reality

Sometime later this year, the Mark Shuttleworth headed project Ubuntu Touch is destined to become a reality. The mobile OS has been in the production phase for as long as 2 years at least. It may seem like a new piece of technology but its novelity is infact just justifiable by the fact that it has not yet hit the production line level.

Ubuntu Touch
Ubuntu Touch

But with the Spanish bq readers an Chinese Meizu on jumping onto the well visible prospective mobile OS, the possibilities of Ubuntu Touch may well be endless for the Canonical backed project.

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Ubuntu as Linux Explained

The Ubuntu Filesystem
A document about the users and the filesystem.
The purpose of this document is to get you to speed with the Ubuntu filesystem.
We will learn about:
  • How Ubuntu compares to Windows when it comes to files;
  • Where things can be found in the Ubuntu filesystem;
  • The basics of the users and permissions system that lies at the heart of¬†Ubuntu;
  • The Nautilus file manager;